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Divorce With Experience

CALL 480-899-2500 CALL 480 899-2500 Divorce is difficult.  Experience is essential. A divorce will most likely be the most difficult experience of your life.  It will be unique to you.  There are many challenges to a divorce including child custody, visitation,...

How does the court determine child support?

CALL 480-899-2500 CALL 480 899-2500 Courts use a statewide formula to determine child support. It is based upon the incomes of the parties, the time-sharing schedule in days per year, costs of supporting other children not common to the relationship as well as other...

How does the court determine parenting time?

CALL 480-899-2500 CALL 480 899-2500 Again, a recent change in the law affects the court’s treatment of Parenting Time. Obviously the overriding factor in determining Parenting Time is the best interests of the child.  That mandate has been in place for some time,...

What happened to custody?

CALL 480-899-2500 CALL 480 899-2500   In the 1979 movie Kramer vs Kramer, the movie culminates in a court room scene with mother played by Meryl Streep facing off against father played by Dustin Hoffman. The court hears testimony and then makes it’s decision. Mom...

How does the court divide property?

CALL 480-899-2500 CALL 480 899-2500   The court characterizes property in essentially two ways: Community Property, which is treated the same way as Jointly Held Property, and Separate Property.  Generally, the presumption is that all of the property...

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“Mr. Miller has been fantastic to work with. He was recommended by a friend and I am very grateful! Mr. Miller has been very attentive on the case since day one. I would recommend him to anyone searching for a family attorney.”

– Jose R.

“Mr. Miller took over my custody case after I had a horrible experience with a truly incompetent attorney. In addition to correcting many errors made by the 1st attorney, Mr. Miller was able to accomplish exactly want I wanted from day 1.”

– Sarah S.

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