Michael D. Miller, Jr…

”The Straight Talking Attorney.”

Rated as a Top Chandler, Arizona Divorce Attorney

Straight talk…

When you retain an attorney you are paying for straight answers.

When you hire an attorney… YOU SHOULD GET THEM

You want a song and a dance, see a show on Broadway.

He or she should be able to answer the tough questions.

Questions such as:

What can I expect from the court system?

What can I expect my attorney and his staff to do for me to achieve the best possible result in my case?

What can I expect as a range of results?

What can I expect to pay for the work performed?

And most important… WHEN DO I GET MY LIFE BACK?

A divorce or paternity case may be the most difficult event you will ever go through.

You take it seriously, Your attorney should take is seriously.

You need and are paying for answers.

You need an honest hard-working and experienced attorney working for you, your family and most importantly your children.

You need someone to listen to your unique problems and work with you to solve them.

Michael D. Miller Jr. has worked in family law in Chandler for over 32 years.  Mr. Miller has tried thousands of cases to successful conclusion in the Arizona courts including, complex divorces involving sophisticated financial issues such as forensic accounting and business valuations. He has handled thousands of additional cases involving all family law issues such as:

  • Decision-Making for the Children
  • Parenting Time
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Division of Community Property and Community Debts
  • Protection of Separate Assets brought into the Marriage
  • Business Valuation
  • Retirement Asset Division
  • Attorney Fees Awards  

Mr. Miller and his team are committed to providing clients with professional and compassionate service. The firm also prides itself on an efficient approach that provides timely and competent advice to your concerns and needs.

“Quite frankly with my experience in the court system, I have seen just about every family law problem imaginable and I will bring that problem solving approach to your case. “  – Michael D. Miller, Jr.

The Law Office of Michael D. Miller, Jr. understands that family law matters can be very difficult, both financially and emotionally, and it is our first priority to offer service that makes a good faith attempt to avoid costly litigation and work toward an amicable settlement whenever possible. In the event that a settlement cannot be reached, Mr. Miller has the experience to aggressively defend your rights at trial.